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Welcome to Ankla Azul’s gallery, where the memories of our incredible team, fun divers, diver students, and underwater adventures in Bahia Solano come to life. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of our marine world and witness the expertise of our pro instructors. Join us on a Marina Adventure and create unforgettable memories with Ankla Azul.


Coral Hawkfish

Cirrhitichthys oxycephalusThe ninjas of the reef, Coral Hawkfish wait patiently perching on rocks with their specialized fins. Their fins allow them to move rapidly and efficiently through the reef ready to pounce at the opportunity of passing prey like small fish and...

Blacknosed Butterflyfish

Johnrandallia nigrirostrisThe cheeky, intelligent Blacknosed butterflyfish might seem as if they want to swim with and around you, following you as you enter the underwater world… However, they tend to have alterior motives when following divers, using them as...

Spotted Boxfish (Female)

Ostracion meleagris The spotted boxfish, known for its distinctive markings, goes by various common names depending on its species and location. For example, this one in the pictures is called the Pacific Spotted Boxfish, and its female, as the males of box fish, have...

Whale Shark Season In Bahia Solano

April to MayDiving in Bahía Solano's Pacific Ocean is amazing all year round, but there are specific times where we are lucky enough to be visited by wonderful Whale Sharks. This incredible phenomenon occurs during April and May. The sardine migration attracts these...

Why Ankla Azul

Our Dive Center's Diving Instructors, have several years of experience with thousands of logged dives, and can teach both PADI and SSI Diving Courses. Diver Safety is our number 1 standard and we appreciate every minute we spend underwater. Therefore we give it our best while instructing Dive Courses, and guiding certified divers on Fun Dives. We have also established our own coral nursery, where we teach fish and coral identification courses, with Fish and Coral ID Charts, native to our location here in Bahia Solano, this helps implement our scuba divers, to become conscious of the ecosystem while diving.

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