Open Water Diver Course

Have you ever dreamed of learning scuba diving, and at the same time, having a wonderful vacation? Then sign up with this Course and become a certified Open Water Scuba Diver in 3 days while spending a great Colombian vacation here in Bahía Solano. Our PADI Open Water Diver course is your first step in becoming a certified diver. Here you will learn basic scuba diving knowledge and skills that will be taught and handled by a PADI Professional Instructor.

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Course Description

Our PADI Open Water Diver course is divided into two sections: Knowledge Development and Open Water Dives. In the knowledge development section, you will attend classroom lectures where topics to be discussed include the different scuba equipment and accessories, underwater physics, the buddy system, the use of the recreational dive planner, how to plan a dive, and how to safely perform and execute a dive. On top of the knowledge gained during the lecture, you will also be taught basic diving skills during the confined water session.

Here, you will practice all the skills in a swimming pool including equipment preparation. After the knowledge development section, you will now proceed with the open water dives. In this section, you will perform 4 ocean dives and apply all the knowledge and skills that you have learned in knowledge development. This is the part that is rewarding as you can now see the underwater beauty of Bahia Solano while performing a safe dive.

Options: You have the option to do the Open Water Scuba Diver course in “Sections” and this is ideal for students to accommodate their schedule. In the “Sections” option, you can do the knowledge development in another city (your choices include Bogota, Medellin or Cali) and complete the course with the 4 ocean dives here in Bahía Solano. Just take note of the following schedule while you are here in Bahia Solano: it will take 2 days to do the “Sections” option and 3 days for the full course.

Course Sections

Knowledge Developments

Knowledge development segments
Swimming pool confined water dives
Water skills assessment
Quizzes and final exam

Open Water

4 Pacific Ocean Dives
Water skills assessment
Dive Log register

Certification Requirements

Complete five knowledge development segments,
including quizzes and final exam
Complete Confined Water Dives
Meet water skills assessment requirements
Complete Open Water Dives

Important Information

10 to 14-year-old divers earn a Junior Open Water Diver certification
Open Water Dives 1 and 2 — 12 metres/40 feet
Open Water Dives 3 and 4 — 18 metres/60 feet
Maximum Depth for Open Water Diver Certification — 18 metres/60 feet
Time to complete the course in Bahía Solano = 3 days
To Complete Only Open Water Section = 2 days
NOTE : After any scuba diving activity, you need 18 hours before flying out of Bahía Solano or going to high altitude

Included In The Price  

Diving equipment required to complete the course
Open Water Diver Manual E-Book
Dive log to register your dive
Swimming pool practices (confined water)
4 Pacific Ocean Dives
Certification card
Snacks and drinks
Diving insurance

Excluded From The Price

Transportation to Bahía Solano
Bahía Solano Airport Fee
New regulator mouthpiece (20,000 COP) additional

Price & Booking

What's Next

Now that you know about the Open Water Diver course, you can now proceed to the next level which is the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. You will learn more skills, build up your confidence, and do adventure dives like night diving, wreck diving, deep diving, and a lot more.

Sebastián de Belalcazar

In Bahia Solano, Advanced divers can explore a once-mighty naval ship that is now peacefully resting in the seafloor and serving as an artificial reef. Our crew in Ankla Azul will gladly take you to an underwater tour in this legendary shipwreck and see how marine life has made this place HOME.

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