Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Do you want to dive deeper? Explore legendary shipwrecks? Drift with the Pacific ocean current? Improve your underwater navigation? Or perhaps, go night diving in total darkness with only your flashlight? Then you need to sign up with our PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification course and you can do all these plus a lot more through adventure dives.

Our PADI professional instructors here at Ankla Azul will help you become a better and confident diver through a fun way of learning experience. And not just this, you will also have a tranquil and serene Colombian vacation here at Bahía Solano.

emergency swimming ascent

Course Description

When you sign up with our PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification course, you will first start with a lecture for every adventure dive. On the first day, you will do a mandatory adventure dive which is the underwater navigation plus a fun dive. On the second day, you will perform another mandatory dive which is deep diving (more than 18 meters or 60 feet but not deeper than 30 meters or 100 feet) plus an adventure dive of your choice like wreck diving, boat diving, underwater photography, drift diving, fish ID, night diving, peak performance buoyancy, search & recovery, underwater naturalist, and self-reliant diver. On the third day, you will perform another 2 adventure dives of choice that have not been chosen from the second day.

Note: Depending on your vacation schedule, you have 2 choices to complete this course. If you choose to complete 5 adventure dives in 3 days, you will earn the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification. In case you only have 2 days of vacation here in Bahia Solano, then you have the option to do only 3 adventure dives and earn the PADI Adventure Diver certification.

Certification Requirements

Must be a certified Open Water Diver
Complete 5 Adventure Dives (including Deep and Underwater Navigation) to earn the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification or complete 3adventure dives and earn the PADI Adventure Diver certification
Complete the five Knowledge Reviews for the completed Adventure Dives
Complete Thinking Like a Diver Knowledge Development section

Important Information


Maximum depth for Advanced Open Water Diver Certification = 30 meters (100 feet)
Time to complete the Advanced course in Bahía Solano = 3 days
To complete only the Adventure Diver certification in Bahia Solano = 2 days
NOTE: After any scuba diving activity, you need 18 hours before flying out of Bahía Solano or going to high altitude

Included In The Price  


Diving equipment required to complete the course
Advanced Open Water Diver Manual E-Book
Dive log to register your dive
5 adventure dives (for Advanced Diver certification)
or 3 adventure dives (for Adventure Diver certification)
Certification card
Snacks and drinks
Diving insurance


Excluded From The Price


Transportation to Bahía Solano
Bahía Solano Airport Fee
New regulator mouthpiece (20,000 COP) additional

Price & Booking

What's Next

Now that you know about the Advanced Open Water Course, you can now proceed to the next level which is the PADI Rescue Diver course. Aside from building more confidence, you will learn techniques on how to avoid and manage diving-related problems.

Sebastián de Belalcazar

In Bahia Solano, Advanced divers can explore a once-mighty naval ship that is now peacefully resting in the seafloor and serving as an artificial reef. Our crew in Ankla Azul will gladly take you to an underwater tour in this legendary shipwreck and see how marine life has made this place HOME.

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