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Dive Bahia Solano and reach into the extraordinary marine life that awaits you beneath the surface. At Ankla Azul, we offer unparalleled services for both certified scuba divers and free divers, allowing you to explore the vast wonders of the Pacific Ocean. 

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Why Ankla Azul

Our Dive Center’s Diving Instructors, have several years of experience with thousands of logged dives, and can teach both PADI and SSI Diving Courses. Diver Safety is our number 1 standard and we appreciate every minute we spend underwater. Therefore we give it our best while instructing Dive Courses, and guiding certified divers on Fun Dives. We have also established our own coral nursery, where we teach fish and coral identification courses, with Fish and Coral ID Charts, native to our location here in Bahia Solano, this helps implement our scuba divers, to become conscious of the ecosystem while diving.

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