Spotted Boxfish (Female)

Fish Family, Fish Identification, Ostraciidae

Ostracion meleagris 

The spotted boxfish, known for its distinctive markings, goes by various common names depending on its species and location. For example, this one in the pictures is called the Pacific Spotted Boxfish, and its female, as the males of box fish, have more colors.

The female spotted boxfish found in Bahia Solano is a rare and enchanting sight for divers. Its vibrant colors and unique markings often confuse divers, who mistake it for a pufferfish due to their similar appearances. However, the spotted boxfish distinguishes itself with its distinct shape, resembling a box-like structure.

Its subtle elegance and elusive nature add an element of mystery to the underwater world of Bahia Solano, making encounters with this remarkable creature all the more special.

Spotted boxfish | Ankla Azul
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Common information about Spotted Boxfish

  • 📇 Common Names: Pacific Boxfish, Spotted Boxfish, White Spotted Boxfish
  • 🔬 Scientific Name: Ostracion meleagris
  • 🐟 Family: Boxfishes – Ostraciidae
  • 🏋️‍♀️ Weight:
  • 📏 Length:
  • 📍 Chance to see in Bahia Solano (low)
photo Spotted boxfish | Ankla Azul
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🧜‍♂️ Habitat: Found in both tropical and subtropical oceans, mainly in Indo-Pacific and Eastern Pacific regions. However, their range spans globally, and they remain common in the Atlantic Ocean and the West coast of Africa.

They lurk in shaded, protective recesses in rocky reefs at depths between 10-90 ft. (3-30 m.)

🥙 Diet: Algae, worms, small invertebrates.

⛽️ Fun Fact: As juveniles, these fish always display the female colors, however, as they age their colors will change to have blue spotted sides if male or stay black with white spots if female (as pictured).

It is also worth noting that, as well as their rigid, hexagonal protective exoskeleton, when threatened they have the ability to release a toxic substance from their skin deterring predators.

photo 2 Spotted boxfish | Ankla Azul

Watch What We Capture 

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More photos

photo 2 Spotted boxfish | Ankla Azul
photo 4 Spotted boxfish | Ankla Azul

The Significance of Fish Identification

Identifying fish species, such as the Spotted Boxfish in Bahia Solano, is crucial for marine conservation and research in the East Pacific Colombian Ocean. At Ankla Azul Bahia Solano Diving Center, our dedicated efforts in cataloging fish varieties help in preserving their habitats and understanding ecological dynamics. This knowledge is vital for developing strategies that protect these marine environments against threats and ensure their sustainability for future generations.

Join Our Conservation Efforts

Discover the vital role you can play in safeguarding the marine life of Bahia Solano. By learning more about our fish identification projects, including the Spotted Boxfish, you help us enhance our understanding and protection of these unique species.


Photografer of this fish

Jalvan _ Ankla Azul

Ja lvan


Insturctor & photografer
Ankla Azul Team

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