Whale Shark Season In Bahia Solano

Diving Bahia Solano

April to May

Diving in Bahía Solano’s Pacific Ocean is amazing all year round, but there are specific times where we are lucky enough to be visited by wonderful Whale Sharks.

This incredible phenomenon occurs during April and May. The sardine migration attracts these magnificent creatures, as waters cool, giving us a chance to see them up close. 

We are lucky enough to be able to encounter these majestic mammals both on the surface and underwater. Whether it’s scuba diving, freediving, or snorkeling, being in such close proximity to these gentle beings is truly is an unforgettable experience.

It is important to remember that we must respect and appreciate nature and our time spent visiting the environments of as we cannot control or manipulate it.

The information shared in this post is derived from our own experiences and the magic of the region.

Diving With The Whale Shark

Whale Shark photo | Ankla Azul

Diving with the giants is an awe-inspiring experience. Being in the presence of these magnificent creatures is truly incredible. During a scuba dive, you may find yourself right next to a whale shark, or even have them swim over you. They are inquisitive beings and may approach you out of curiosity.

However, there are times when we dive at our designated spots and do not encounter them, or they are simply passing through while in search of food, such as during the sardine run. This is why they are drawn to Bahia Solano – to feed on and follow the sardines. This region is teeming with various marine animals, including dolphins and more. It is important to remember that touching the whale sharks or any other marine life is strictly prohibited. Nonetheless, you can capture pictures and videos to express your love and admiration for these incredible creatures. And always keep in mind that it’s nature’s course, beyond our control, and we can never know who is beneath the surface.

On the Surface With The Whale Shark

Searching for the whale shark on the surface during this time is not overly complicated. We often spot them returning from diving, while other times we can find them in a specific area where you can engage in freediving and snorkeling alongside these majestic creatures.

Additionally, there may be moments when you catch a glimpse of them as they diligently hunt for their prey. You can swim alongside them, occasionally needing to increase your speed to keep pace.

Whale Shark photo_ Ankla Azul-1

Watch What We Capture 


On the surface, we recommend bringing a rain jacket, a dry bag, and coral-friendly sunblock. In Bahia Solano, it can rain and be sunny on the same day, but the temperature remains warm throughout the year, averaging about 29 degrees Celsius.

Underwater conditions also change, with temperatures ranging from a cool 19 degrees Celsius to a warm 29 degrees Celsius or even higher, as observed in the past year, so a wetsuit is advisable.

Visibility can vary, with the surface being clear and then deteriorating after a few meters underwater, or vice versa.

whale shark season photo

Choose The Way You Want Explore

Weather gear on or gear free, both provide an extraordinary opportunity to discover the wonders of Bahia Solano. Whether you’re a certified diver eager to explore through diving courses or simply looking to snorkel, immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this unparalleled destination.

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