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Established in 2018, Ankla Azul is a dive shop operating in the Chocó District off the Pacific north coast of Colombia. Nestled in the scenic bay of Bahía Solano, Ankla Azul offers what every scuba diver needs: fun dives in stunning reefs and legendary wrecks, PADI certification courses, amazing wildlife interaction, and great introductory dives for non-certified individuals.
Diving with Ankla Azul not just guarantees top-notch service, but also wildlife and nature at its best. Just imagine your playground involves the endless waters of the Pacific Ocean that are clothed by the lush scenery of the Chocó-Darién Moist Forest.

The Ankla Azul Team

We are a husband and wife team of scuba instructors that work hands-on in our diving operations. We are Ahmed Shater (aka Jalvan) a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Ana Mar a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. We are assisted by certified divemasters and divemasters on-training who are currently completing their certification course with us.

Ankla Azul Services

Our company offers 2 major services: fun dives and PADI certification courses. For newbies, you should try our Discover Scuba Diving Program. Under the supervision of a scuba professional, this non-certification course allows you to go diving and have a quick glimpse of the beautiful underwater habitats of Colombia. If you are inspired by how amazing ocean life is, then you can take our Open Water Scuba Diver certification. This 3-day formal training course will equip you with the basic skills to safely explore and perform a dive.
You also have to note that while Bahía Solano is connected to mainland Colombia, it is only accessible by planes and boats. In case you do not have the luxury of time, you can avail of our “Referral Program” where you can take the lecture and confined water session in our partner dive shops in Bogotá, Medellín, and Cali, then take the actual dive with us here in our bay paradise of Bahía Solano.
For continuing diver education, we offer Advanced Open Water Diver, various Specialty Courses, Rescue Diver, and Divemaster certification course which is your first entry of becoming a professional diver.
Our fun dive trips are nonetheless, a best-seller. Our surroundings are blessed with an abundance of nature which is a characteristic of a Colombian dive site. Thus, every dive is jam-packed with underwater action. Name it, we have it in here Colombia: amazing reefs, sheer vertical drop-offs, historical shipwrecks like the Sebastián de Belalcazar, sardine run, sea turtles, sharks, a highly diverse list of tropical fish, and the seasonal arrival of the gentle giants – the humpback whales, and whale shark.

Ankla Azul Mission and Vision

Our Mission: 

Our dream is to be a high-quality dive center in Colombia that is anchored on professionalism, safety, and environmental responsibility. Intending to make Bahía Solano a top diving destination in Colombia, our mission is to promote sustainable diving practices, expand our understanding of the underwater habitats of the Pacific Ocean and conserve the Colombian marine resources.

Our Vision:

  • working side by side with local communities and organizations of Bahía Solano to protect our ocean, and;
  • expand our services with the addition of Freediving, Tec diving, and Aqua Tours around the Pacific coast of Colombia. 


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